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Start working on your emergency food supply today!


Building up an emergency food supply is something that should be done continuously. Having a base supply and adding to it as time goes on is a great approach. We carry a wide selection of long term food storage. Our selection has everything you could need. Check it out today!

550 paracord is a survival essential

550 paracord is a highly versatile general purpose utility cord. It has a variety of uses that make it ideal for camping, boating, and any other outdoor activity that requires strength and durability. You can even unwind the inner strands and use them for sewing, fishing line, nets, etc. No survival kit is complete without [...]

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The best place to buy a survival first aid kit

Shepherd Survival is the best place online to buy a survival first aid kit. We have the best selection of survival kits at great prices. From simple personal kits to road side emergency kits, we have you covered. We have great deals on all of our survival packages. No matter what your budget, we have [...]

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Unrivaled survival first aid kits in stock

You could go elsewhere, but that would be a mistake. Shepher Survival Supply is your place to go for survival first aid kits and an assortment of other product. See for yourself why we're your go-to spot.

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Best long term food storage here

There are other options out there, but none are better than us. We're Shepherd Survival Supply, and we have you covered. We offer the best long term food storage.

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Enter here for emergency food supply

In need of emergency food supply? Well, look no further than us. We're Shepherd Survival Supply, and we have you covered.

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Affordable survival first aid kit here

Stretch your money our farther. Check out Shepherd Survival Supply today. We offer affordable survival first aid kits and more.

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We have your 550 paracord

On the hunt for a 550 paracord? Well, hunt no further. Shepherd Survival Supply has you covered. See for yourself today.

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We offer long term food storage

In need of long term food storage? Well, look no further than us. We're Shepherd Survival Supply, and we have you covered. 

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We have emergency food supply and more

Whether it's an emergency food supply or something else you need, we have you covered. We're Shepherd Survival Supply. Check us out today.

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