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Survival Seeds for Sale!

Whether you need emergency seeds for stockpile in case of disaster, emergency seed for your backyard garden, or survival seeds for your large survival garden, you’ve come to the right place. We provide the highest quality seeds to include with your Emergency Preparedness Supplies for your Survival Garden. Our Heirloom Seeds or non-hybrid seeds are packaged and sealed in #10 cans for maximum shelf life and usability; each also comes with planting instructions and a re-sealable lid once opened. Each container contains a wealth of seeds and varieties that when combined, can provide you with complete self-sufficiency when planting a large garden. Our emergency seed is clean, non-hybrid, non-GMO, and are NOT chemically treated in any way.

Emergency Preparedness and Heirloom Non-Hybrid Seeds

All of our Non Hybrid Heirloom Seeds are perfect for those who are willing to take the next step in your Disaster Preparedness. The availability of survival food supplies could be a major concern depending on the severity of the disaster you may face. Is it economic fallout? Nuclear fallout? Or worse? Having a stockpile of emergency preparedness food may only last so long. Our survival seeds will ensure a renewable food resource is available to you, one that you can plant in your garden year after year. Being a non-hybrid seed, you can harvest the food as well as save seed for the next year for re-planting.
Not only will you be more ready when disaster happens, but the experience of nurturing and caring for your own garden is a rewarding experience all in itself. Shepherd Survival Supply can get you started today on a new path of self reliance with our non-hybrid, non-gmo emergency seeds or survival seeds.
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Heirloom Seeds