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Survival Knives on Sale

A good, solid Survival Knife will become your best friend in a survival situation; Shepherd Survival Supply carries the highest quality of survival knives, survival tools, and survival products. While folding knives and pocket knives are commendable additions to any survival kit or survival pack, most experts will agree that fixed blades, with no moving parts and thus no weak point, makes for the best survival knives for most situations and make an ideal wilderness survival knife or outdoor survival knife that is easily added to one of your survival kits. If you are looking for the best survival knife or the ultimate survival knife to add to your outdoor survival gear preparations, Shepherd Survival will have it.

Benchmade, Ka-Bar, Gerber Knives Available

Shepherd Survival Supply carries a good selection of high quality folding, fixed blade, and survival knives for sale for emergency survival: Benchmade knives, Ka-bar knives, Gerber Survival knives and axes, and more. What is often referred to as the best survival knife on the market: the Ka-Bar USMC is a time tested, durable and rugged combat, utility, and hunting survival knife. This knife comes in 2 convenient sizes, a 7” blade and a 5 ¼” blade that is sure to compliment any survival kit. We also carry the popular Ka-Bar Becker BK-3 tactool, these survival knives are made of solid construction and make the ideal survival tool for chopping, prying, or simply cutting paracord. All of our survival knives for sale are made from high quality steel and are designed to last a lifetime and beyond and make excellent wilderness survival tools. So if you are looking for Becker knives, Gerber knives, or Bench made knives to add to your survival gear or survival equipment, you’ve come to the right place as we only carry the top survival knives, survival tools and equipment around. Shepherd Survival Supply has the survival knife you are looking for in our wide selection of survival tools and survival knives, along with our everyday low prices and free shipping!
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