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Survival Multitools on Sale

It is hard to argue that the versatility of a really good multitool is one of the most important survival tools that one can carry in an everyday carry bag or survival kit; Shepherd Survival Supply carries only the highest quality of Leatherman multitools. A traditional Survival Multitool is often plagued by cheap or poor construction and will break easily from moderate use. This is why we carry only the highest quality survival multi tools that can easily be added to your survival supplies or survival gear. Our survival multitools shine in their construction, adaptability, and even have durable blades that make an excellent backup to your survival knife or backup survival weapon.

Leatherman Wave, Leatherman Squirt, Leatherman Crunch and Swiss Army Style Knives Available

Shepherd Survival Supply carries high quality multitools including the Leatherman Wave, Leatherman Crunch, Leatherman Squirt, and also a Swiss army style knife for those looking for a cheap alternative. All of our survival multitools make excellent wilderness survival tools that will increase your overall survival preparedness and can be easily thrown into your survival kit or placed with your other survival equipment or survival goods. A good, solid multitool used as a survival tool is essential for any emergency survival kit due to the versatility it brings to the table when facing the unknown. All of our survival tools and equipment are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The Shepherd Survival Store carries only the best multitools and survival tools with everyday low prices and free shipping on all products!
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