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Emergency Survival Shelters and Blankets

Having access to an emergency shelter or survival shelter during and after a disaster is vital if you are to survive, Shepherd Survival Supply carries an extensive line of survival shelters, cots, tents, emergency survival sleeping bags, emergency blankets, ponchos, and more. Exposure to the elements is one of the first things you will need to worry about when faced without a survival tent or shelter. If you carry your own survival tools with your survival gear, you may be able to construct your own, however that will take time and know-how to get the job finished.

Survival Tents, Cots, Body Warmers, Sleeping Bags, Ponchos, Candles, Blankets Available

We have a large selection of survival supplies and survival products available to help keep you dry, warm, and safe: survival tents, body warmers, waterproof ponchos, sleeping bags, emergency candles, cots, and more. Whether you are looking for just an emergency candle in case the power goes out, or you are looking for a large tent to go camping or for your own survival preparedness, we will have it. Shepherd Survival Supply is a survival gear store that carries a wide array of survival equipment, personal survival items, wilderness survival gear, survival kits, and more. So if you are looking for an emergency shelter for wilderness survival in case you are lost in the woods or a survival shelter in case disaster strikes at home, you’ve come to the right place.
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Shelter and Warmth