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Survival Packs for Emergencies and Disasters

As you've probably noticed, global disasters and large scale emergencies seem to be getting more frequent and severe by the day, it doesn't matter whether it's man-made or Mother Nature. The skill of Emergency Preparedness and having your own Disaster Kit is becoming more and more important. While most commercial Disaster Survival Kits are 'better than nothing'; they certainly are not sufficient enough to handle the rigors of a true modern day Emergency Survival situation. When your life or your family's life is at stake, don't settle for a second rate Emergency Kits. Shepherd Survival is proud to introduce a whole new class of Survival Kits: The Survival Package.
The Shepherd Survival series of Survival Packages offer an exclusive and comprehensive line of durable and reliable Survival Supplies and Survival Products, all in one convenient package. Our packages come packed with premium Emergency Supplies and are designed with the assistance of experts in the industry and will keep you safe, healthy, fed, hydrated, and warm. You and your loved ones will survive, recover, and even thrive during any emergency or extended disaster situation. These packages are the ultimate in Disaster Preparedness and cannot be compared to traditional Emergency Survival Kits or other Survival Kits Online you might find. Our Survival Packages recently redesigned to be better than ever and come in 5 convenient sizes for you and your family: The Nomad (1 person), The Pioneer (2 Person), The Settler (3 Person), The Homesteader (4 Person), and The Colonist (5-6 Person)
We encourage our survival packages to be used and enjoyed while camping or while outdoors so that you can practice with all the tools and learn Survival Preparedness techniques offered in the literature provided. That way you are better prepared for when you really need it: Learn to build Survival Shelters, discover the natural Survival Food that is native to the land, and become an expert with all your Survival Equipment and Survival Items. These packages are designed to be used and abused! They also make for the Ultimate Bug Out Bag!

Survival Gear, Emergency Preparedness Packages, and Radiation Kits on Sale!

Each Survival Pack is designed with high quality Survival Tools, Survival Gear, Survival Knives, a Survival Bag or 2, and a quality Survival Shelter, included with all the Emergency Essentials needed for Disaster Survival. We are also now offering the all-new Radiation Survival Kits that can be found on this page. We have tremendous discounts on these packages; you will not be able to purchase these products cheaper anywhere else, and as always Free Shipping on all packages at your favorite Survival Store!
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Survival Packages