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  • 1 CD V-750 Zeroing Unit with 3 CD V-742 Dosimeters

CD V-742 Dosimeters and CD V-750 Charger

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Product Description

In this package you receive 3 recently certified and calibrated CD V-742 Dosimeters and 1 CD V-750 charger/zeroing unit.

The CD V-742 measures radiation exposures from 0-200 R.

The CD V-742 dosimeters do not require batteries, the CD V-750 zeroing unit requires 1 D battery

The direct-reading pocket dosimeter is a portable instrument designed to measure the total accumulated dose of moderate and high levels of gamma radiation. The instruments make use of a small quartz fiber electroscope as an exposure detector and indicator. An image of the fiber is projected onto a film scale and viewed through the eyepiece lens. The scale is calibrated in roentgens (R) and may be read by looking through the eyepiece toward a lamp or other source of light. A CD V-750 zeroing unit must be used in conjunction with the dosimeter to set the instrument to zero.

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