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Emergency Long Term Food Supply

Nothing can be more important than a healthy supply of emergency food or long term survival food when faced with a long term disaster or economic crisis; you cannot expect to survive for the long haul without a healthy supply of survival foods on hand for you and your family. Do you have a plan in place to survive 3 months, 6 months, or even a year if the grocery stores suddenly were empty? How would you feed your family if you have made no long term food storage preparations? A garden might help, but even then it will take months to grow and care for before any long term food supply is available. Those who survive are those who were prepared before the disaster happened, even a 3 month emergency food supply, or even better a 6 month emergency food supply might be all it takes before you can become self-sufficient with your own garden, farm, or other food source. Shepherd Survival carries up to a 1 year food supply package in case of emergency.

3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year Survival Food Kits, Buckets, Bars Available

Long term survival food buckets, emergency food supplies, and emergency food bars are available today. Each emergency food bar is US coast guard approved and carries up to a 5 year shelf life. Our survival food supplies and freeze dried survival food carry up to a 30 year shelf life, which means you will never have to rotate and continue to buy more food year after year, this is a one-time investment for the security of your future. Shepherd Survival’s long term food supplies come in various convenient sizes, from small grab n go buckets, to a 3 month food supply, all the way up to a 1 year emergency food supply. Each kit is conveniently packaged into emergency food supply buckets; inside each bucket are nitrogen sealed packages of freeze dried food that needs only water and heat to eat. The Wise long term food supply buckets have long shelf lives, require no rotating, and guaranteed to taste great when the time comes! Buying emergency food kits or keeping an emergency food supply on hand is considered an emergency essential. So if you were looking for the best emergency food in the emergency preparedness industry, you’ve come to the right place! Shepherd Survival Supply carries the survival food you will need after an economic collapse or nuclear fallout, or the emergency food you need after a natural disaster, all with guaranteed everyday low prices and free shipping.
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Long Term Food Storage