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Introducing our All-New Nuclear Survival Kits

Shepherd Survival Supply provides exclusive Radiation Survival Kits. Our kits are designed to be lightweight, practical, and ready to grab at a moment’s notice. Our Nuclear Survival Kits come in 2 convenient sizes, 2-person and 4-person. Featured in each kit is the Nukalert, this keychain sized Personal Radiation Meter will tell you where it is safe and where it is not. Also featured are RADsticker Personal Dosimeters to keep track of your total exposure, the Readi Mask to protect your eyes and lungs from fallout particles, and Thyrosafe which is an FDA approved potassium iodide supplement that will protect your vulnerable thyroid gland from dangerous radiation absorption. Each kit is packed with additional basic Nuclear Survival Supplies into a durable and rugged Maxpedition bag that you can rely on when bugging out. A Nuclear Survival Kit will make a perfect supplement to your Emergency Survival Kit.

Nuclear Radiation Detectors, Thyrosafe, Nukalert, RADstickers

Do you own a Personal Radiation Detector or Geiger Counter? Shepherd Survival Supply carries a large supply of Nuclear Survival Equipment, Radiation Detectors, and supplies if you are looking to build your own Apocalypse Survival Kit. Most experts agree it is a matter of when, not if.
Do you know Where to Buy Potassium Iodide after a nuclear emergency? Everyone will be sold out in a flash or will be unable to keep up with the enormous mountain of orders. It is recommended to be prepared and Buy Potassium Iodide before something terrible happens and keep it tucked away and safe in one of your Emergency Survival Kits. If a nuclear event were to happen, it can be guaranteed that potassium iodide and Radiation Monitoring Devices will be sold out almost immediately across the country. There simply isn’t enough stockpiled for everyone. Don’t get stuck without any Nuclear Survival Gear in your Survival Kit when the big one happens.
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Nuclear & Radiation Survival