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The Colonist - 6 Person Premium Survival Package

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(10/12 - All NEW and IMPROVED! See list of contents below - Image Coming Soon) The Colonist is Shepherd Survival's Premier 6+ Person Survival Package. A complete kit for any type of outdoor excursion or for the ultimate in disaster preparedness. This package can be used for your camping enjoyment but also double as the ultimate survival package. Don't settle for second rate supplies or so called "survival kits" that will fail you when you need it most. The total value of the items in this survival package is well over $2400. Save Big! All Shepherd Survival Packages ship for free!


Included in The Colonist:


  • Qty 2 - Maxpedition Doppleduffle Backpacks/Duffles
  • Qty 1 - Maxpedition Condor II Backpack


  • KA-Bar USMC 7" Utility/Combat Blade with Black Handle and Leather Sheath
  • KA-Bar Cutlass Machete, 11 in blade with Leather Sheath, Perfect for Clearing a Path
  • Gerber Camp Axe combines a full sized forged steel hatchethead molded into an unbreakable handle
  • Gerber 6.5" Stainless Steel Sliding Camp Saw
  • Leatherman Wave 17 in 1 Multi-tool/Folding Knife
  • CRKT RSK Mk4 Survival Knife from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pack Plus
  • SaberCut™ Saw from the Deluxe Outdoor Survival Kit
  • Folding Shovel: Tempered forged steel blade. Metal handle and shaft. Positive locking collar. Length open 23" Length folded: 10".
  • Gerber Diamond Knife Sharpener: Features easy to use, retractable, triple diamond plated sharpening rod, in an aluminum housing with pocket clip. Sharpens serrated and fine edged blades, as well as fish hooks.


  • Brunton Classic Compass: 2° graduations. Declination adjustable. 0-35° inclination scale. Inch and mm scales
  • Thermo-Compass: A thermometer and compass all in one small package (length:2 inches, weight 1/3 ounce). Snap this onto jacket zippers or backpacks. Use it as a key ring. The compass is liquid filled with luminous dial and there is a handy wind chill chart on the back of the gauge.
  • 20mm Liquid Filled Survival Compass from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pack Plus


  • Qty. 4 - Princeton Attitude Flashlights: Bulb: 3 High Output White LED's, 30 lumens, Batteries: 4 AAA Alkaline (included), Burn Time: 150+ hrs., Weight: 2.5 oz. w/batteries, Waterproof to 100 m, Includes: Alkaline batteries, lanyard. Extremely Durable.
  • Qty. 1 - Princeton Torrent Flashlight: Impact resistant easy to grip housing.  Proprietary optics for maximum output.  Rugged lock-out switch design with two O-ring seals. Ultra Durable and Reliable.
  • PICO Lite LED Flashlight from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pack Plus
  • UCO Candelier Lantern: The brightest idea in 3 candle lantern. Stylish enough for indoor use, yet rugged enough for all outdoor use. Can even warm water on top of lantern!
  • Six (6) UCO Citronella Candle Packs (18 Candles Total): Works great for bug control and fits the Candelier Lantern
  • Six (6) 12 Hour Bright Sticks
  • Six (6) Sterno 56 Hour Candles: Unscented candles perfect for a variety of emergency needs. 6" Column: Burns 56 hours. Wide base for stability.
  • Voyager/Mayday Solar-Dynamo Radio: LED Flashlight plus 5 LED Reading Lamp, 4 Way Power - Dynamo hand charging (no batteries required)- Solar Powered, Water resistant - rubberized body (Item also listed below in communication/signaling for many, many more features)


  • Adventure Medical Fundamentals First Aid Kit: Large First aid kit has everything a backcountry guide, outfitter, or survivalist would want in a medical kit.  This kit includes a SAM® splint.  Includes bandage materials, wound care, medications, medical information and more
  • Adventure Medical Quickclot: Helps to quickly stop massive bleeding
  • Adventure Medical Dental Medic: Replace lost fillings, loose crowns and relieve dental pain with this handy kit. 1 Dental Floss, 1 Temporary Filling Mixture, 1 Dental Wax, 5 Cotton Rolls, 3 Toothpicks, 5 Cotton Pellets, 2 Topical Anesthetic, 1 Tea Bag, 1 Instructions.  In a waterproof pouch.


  • Katadyn Vario Dual Water Filtration System - Combines the two best technologies - ceramic and pleated microfiltration.  A simple turn engages a ceramic prefilter for longer life in dirty water or a pleated glassfiber filter in normal conditions.  Dual piston technology provides maximum output with minimum effort.  Ultra fast flow (2 liters/minute), carbon core with replaceable carbon so water always tastes fresh.  Adaptor base attaches directly to water bottles or output hose can be used to fill hydration systems or larger containers.  Cartridge capacity:  Up to 530 gal
  • Katadyn Vario Replacement Cartridge - Double the capacity of your Vario to 1060 gallons!
  • Six (6) 32 oz. Nalgene Bottles: Nalgene All Terrain BPA free bottle
  • Six (6) Potable Aqua Plus Bottles (200 water tablets): A revolutionary two stage process that makes water bacteriologically safe to drink and taste good. Packaged in a 50 count bottle.
  • Six (6) Space Saver Cups: Designed to fit over the end of a round 1Qt. Nalgene, as well as most other round 1Qt. bottles, eliminating the wasted space of packing a traditional cup. The wire handles fold flat to save space and extend enough to use the cup to cook without burning your fingers. Also great as a measuring cup with easy to read graduations on the side of the cup. Capacity: 16 oz.
  • 5 gallon collapsible water container with spigot for water storage.
  • Coghlans Emergency Stove: Light, strong, and compact. Requires no liquids, no priming, no wick and no pressure. 24 fuel tablets included. Uses any solid fuel such as Hexamine, Trioxane, or Sterno.
  • Eighteen (18) 2400 Calorie Food Bars: Can last 4 People for 72 hours in food
  • Deluxe Stainless Steel Mess Kit: Compact clamshell design.  Contains 6 3/4" fry pan with folding wire handle, 6 1/2" dish, 1 pt. pot with lid that nests inside and an 8 oz plastic drinking/measuring cup.  Nested size is 3" x 7" diameter.
  • Sterile 1L Water Bag from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus
  • 6 Katadyn Water Purification Tablets with the ability to purify 1L/1qt of water each from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus


  • Slumberjack 6 Person Trail Tent: Color-coded construction for a fast and easy set-up, mesh wall panels for optimum ventilation, internal storage pockets to keep essentials handy, waterproof, taped seams, noiseless zipper pulls, full-coverage rain fly.
  • Six (6) SOL Emergency Bivvys: The waterproof Heatsheets Bivvy is only 3.8 oz and reflects 90% of your bodyheat.
  • Six (6) Poncho/Tarps: Versatile and durable nylon poncho can also be used as ground sheet, lean-to, wind break or temporary tarp. Totally waterproof. Size: 52" x 80".


  • Six (6) Tubs of Wind/Waterproof Storm Matches: These waterproof and windproof matches burn in heavy rain and even while wet! Designed to light in all extremes of weather, the match can withstand immersion in water and cannot be extinguished by wind, making it the ideal match when out in harsh conditions. Waterproof tub comes with two striker surfaces. 25 matches per tub.
  • Ten (10) Boxes of Waterproof Matches - 400 Matches Total
  • Magnesium Fire Starter: The fire starter uses magnesium as a flame source of 5400°F. One fire starter should provide sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires.
  • BlastMatch Fire Starter, one-handed & all-weather, from the Deluxe Outdoor Survival Kit
  • WetFire Tinder, burns wet or dry & nontoxic, from the Deluxe Outdoor Survival Kit
  • Spark-Lite Firestarter, waterproof, one-handed, & can use in over 1000 sparkings from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus
  • 4 Spark-Lite Tinder-Quik, waterproof, burns for 2-3 minutes each from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus
  • Frensel Lens Magnifier, 2-3 inches, read small print or start fire using the sun, from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus


  • Voyager/Mayday Solar-Dynamo Radio: 10 Bands: AM/FM, Shortwave 1&2 and 7 Weather Bands, NOAA Weather Alert sends an Emergency Wireless Signal to the radio for local weather disasters, LED Flashlight plus 5 LED Reading Lamp, 4 Way Power - Dynamo hand charging (no batteries required)- Solar Powered, AA Battery Powered, Built in USB (plus two other ports) lets you charge, cell phones, Blackberry, I pod/ MP3 and more.
  • Fox-40 Rescue Howler, survival whistle with triple frequency, from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus
  • Rescue Flash Signal Mirror from the Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus
  • StarFlash Signal Mirror, targetable & floats from the Deluxe Outdoor Survival Kit
  • JetScream Emergency Whistle, high decibel, won't freeze, from the Deluxe Outdoor Survival Kit


  • Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus, all items are contained in a waterproof pouch. Many items listed above plus more including:
    • Doug Ritter Enchanced Survival Instructions
    • Fishing Kit
    • Duct Tape
    • Stainless Steel Utility Wire
    • Heavy Duty Sewing Needle
    • 50 ft Nylon Thread for repairs
    • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
    • 10 ft Braided Nylon Cord (150lbs)
    • 4 Safety Pins
    • 28" Ball Chain
    • #2 Pencil
    • Waterproof Paper
  • Deluxe Outdoor Survival Kit, many items listed above all contained in a watertight case that is virtually indestructible
  • Extra Package of Duct Tape - 2 Rolls of 2"x50"
  • Qty 6 - Hygiene Supply Kits: Each contains toothbrush, toothpaste, 9 wetnaps, bar of soap, shampoo, dental floss pick, hand & body lotion, deodorant gel, twin razor blade, 5" black comb, 4 maxipads, shaving cream packet, and washcloth
  • Six (6) Person Personal Care Pack: Contains packets of Antibiotic cream (30), burn cream (30), insect sting relief wipes (30), Lip Balm (30), Sunscreen (30), Antacid tablets (30), Ibuprofen (30), Acetaminophen (30)
  • Insect Repellent - 8hr Natrapel Wipes
  • Six (6) Rolls of Toilet Paper
  • Six (6) Large Zip Lock Bags
  • Six (6) Large Garbage Bags - Can be used as back-up ponchos, ground cover, or additional sheltering
  • 300 feet of 550 lb paracord
  • Heavy Duty Leather Working Gloves - 6 Pair
  • Sewing Kit: Contains: 50 yards of thread in an assortment of colors, 8 buttons, 2 snaps, 5 safety pins, 2 straight pins, 5 needles, a needle threader, thimble, and scissors.
  • Pro-Knot Knot Guide
  • SAS Survival Guide: This survival pocket guide has 384 pages of how to survive in the wild in any climate on land or at sea. This 5" x 3" book covers First Aid, Plants for Food, Building Shelter, Hunting and Trapping, Disaster Preparedness and many other topics.
  • Quick First Aid Guide
  • Six (6) NIOSH N95 Dust Masks
  • Six (6) Adult Readi Masks: Sealable eye and mouth respirator


Radiation Add-on Kit Includes:

  • 1 Nukalert
  • 4 RADStickers
  • 4 Packages of Thyrosafe (40 adult does/80 child doses)

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