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Everyday Survival Disaster Kits

Shepherd Survival is proud to introduce a new line of exceptional Every Day Carry Kits. These unique Emergency Preparedness Kits are packed into an ultra-rugged and durable Maxpedition bag and contain only the highest quality of emergency survival gear and items. These kits are perfect for every day carry to and from the office or to and from the wilderness. These Survival Kits could easily double as a "bug out bag" or an everyday survival kit as they contain all the essentials needed to survive while on the go or when you become separated from your Survival Kit.
Once unpackaged, all bags will contain enough space to conveniently carry your personal items like: Personal Protection (pepper spray, etc), laptops, netbooks, IPads, IPods, cell phones, notebooks, and much more.

Each Every Day Carry Kit contains Premium Survival Supplies, Gear, and Equipment

Keeping a Disaster Survival Kit or a mobile Survival Emergency Kit is very important for your general Disaster Preparedness. Are you prepared when you are at work? Or on the road traveling alone? Shepherd Survival’s Everyday carry kits contain enough Survival Kit Supplies to act as a mobile on-the-go Disaster Emergency Kit, because you never know where you will be when you need it most.
The Shepherd Survival Every Day Carry Kits come in 4 convenient sizes: The Adventurer (small), The Explorer (medium), The Wayfarer (large), and The Excursionist (XL). Each Everyday Carry Kit is priced at an exceptional value; you will save big when you buy as a kit and as always Free and Fast Shipping!
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Every Day Carry Kits