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Best Price for RADStickers on the Planet!

Our RADStickers are always on sale and in stock for immediate shipping! You will always save when you buy in bulk. The RADSticker is the best personal dosimeter that money can buy and is easily divided up among your family members. We also carry the certified and calibrated CD V-742 personal dosimeter and CD V-750 charger that can be used over and over again to monitor radiation dosage rates.

The READIMask is easily the best and most portable particle and respiratory/eye mask that money can buy. It passed all NIOSH testing with flying colors and is ready to be certified. Tuck one or two in your purse or backpack and you will hardly even know it is there. This mask seals completely around your face and stops all potentially radioactive or otherwise dangerous particles from entering your eyes or lungs in an emergency. Save big when you buy in bulk!

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Dosimeters and Masks