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Premium Survival Packages

Shepherd Survival Supply's Premium Survival Packages contain all the survival gear you will need to survive an extended period of time in any emergency survival situation. Our premium survival packages contain only the highest quality of survival supplies that will allow you to survive or even thrive in all emergency or disaster situations. Like our standard packages, our Premium Survival Packages come in four convenient sizes, from 1-person up to 6-person and were expertly designed with the utmost attention to quality and practicality. These aren't just any old survival kit, get the ultimate in emergency preparedness for you and your family with a Shepherd Survival Premium Survival Package.

Update 10/12: The ever popular Premium Survival Packages have been redesigned with bigger backpacks, more food, better tents, more light capabilities, more firestarting options, better hygiene options, a complete dental medic kit, a stainless steel mess kit and much much more.  Check them out today!

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Premium Survival Packages

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