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Survival Backpacks for Sale

Shepherd Survival Supply offers a wide range of survival backpacks from the traditional, yet functional red or black survival backpack, to the ultra-durable and rugged Maxpedition backpacks. We also survival bags, kids hiking backpacks, hiking backpacks, and outdoor backpacks. So if you are looking for waterproof backpacks, backpacks for hiking, a Maxpedition backpack, a survival back pack, or something to build your own survival kits or survival packs in, you’ve come to the right place!

Maxpedition Backpacks and Hiking Packs Available

Our Maxpedition backpacks are considered the most functional, durable, and rugged backpacks on the market today and make a great starting point if you wish to build your own series of emergency disaster kits or emergency survival kits for your family. Start with only the best and don't be left behind with the rest. Purchase an extra backpack or two to store some of your survival equipment or additional food/water supplies when you need to be on the go.
Our backpacks are durable, functional, and are designed to last for the long haul. Both our Maxpedition backpacks and our traditional survival backpacks make an excellent hikers backpack or outdoor backpack for that next excursion or outdoor adventure. Many people use our backpacks for their survival kit, and then buy survival gear to go along with it. We actually do use our backpacks for each of our survival kits for sale that we offer and our survival packages. Our smaller kids hiking backpack and survival bag also make for excellent kids hiking packs when they go along for the day. Whether you are looking for the extremely durable and rugged Maxpedition backpacks, or just traditional survival backpacks, Shepherd Survival offers the best prices and free shipping on all survival backpacks.
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