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Solar Flashlights and Radio Flashlights on Sale!

During an emergency or blackout, keeping an emergency lantern, solar flashlight or radio flashlight with your survival supplies is very important in case the outage were to last for days, or even weeks and months. Shepherd Survival Supply carries a large selection of survival lanterns, survival flashlights, emergency lanterns, emergency flashlights, solar powered lanterns, and solar powered flashlights that can easily be included in your survival kit or added to your survival gear.

Survival/Emergency Lanterns and Tactical Flashlights Available

Are you ready when the lights go out? Do you plan to carry a large selection and variety of batteries? Rechargeable solar and dynamo flashlights and lanterns are the way to go for the long haul; you will never have to worry about being left out the dark. Shepherd Survival Supply has the solar powered flashlight, solar powered lantern, solar radio flashlight (including the popular Voyager solar/crank radio and flashlight), survival lantern, or survival flashlight you’ve been looking for. We also carry a large selection of the most popular Fenix flashlights and 4Sevens brand tactical flashlights, giving you the option of adding top notch performance to your every day carry bags or survival kits, if that is what you crave. Our top of the line Fenix flashlights have excellent durability, range, and battery life putting them amongst the best tactical flashlights in the world. We’ve personally tested a Fenix TK35 and it will fully light up the side of a barn from over a quarter of a mile away, even impressing the Army Major Officer standing next to me. All of our Fenix Brand lights have second to none performance, feel, and durability to survive even the toughest conditions and make an excellent addition to your survival equipment. So whether you are looking for an emergency lantern, solar flashlight, tactical flashlight or a radio flashlight with everyday low prices and FREE SHIPPING, you’ve come to the right place!
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